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Our Food System Is A Public Health Disaster

It is now estimated that more than 1.3 billion people are overweight or obese. This growing problem causes heart disease, diabetes, cancer and contributes to most health conditions around the world. Experts once thought it was genetics but now the number one culprit is the global food system. The United Nations (UN) warned that this disease producing system is making people sick in both rich and poor countries.

The global food system has been described as the new international public health disaster. The UN Human Rights Council is now calling for governments to bring on stricter regulations and policing of our critical food chain. Suggestions include increased taxes on unhealthy products and banning of known disease producers.

The primary culprits that have been identified to produce obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer include processed junk foods that are high in bad fats, loaded with sugar and laced with preserving agents. Fizzy drinks are one of the highest processed…

Could Malaria Become Untreatable?

A recent study in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet found emerging strains of medication-resistant malaria.Resistant strains of malaria are now surfacing in some of the highest risk populations around the world.The over-reliance and over-treatment with prescription medication is forcing the malaria causing parasite to adapt and mutate.

Researchers now state that the global efforts to eradicate malaria are now seriously compromised. In 2009 the researchers first noted possible mutations in the parasites.Malaria parasites are most commonly spread by mosquitoes.

The Shoklo Malaria Research Unit compiled data of more than 3,200 patients over a nine year period of time.They found that the “most effective drugs” became less effective and over 20 percent of patients began to show resistance.Resistance means that one is at greater risk of contracting the disease.

“It would certainly compromise the idea of eliminating malaria that’s for sure and will probably translate into a resurgence…