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Heart Disease and Exercise

The term exercise has become a dirty word. Often times the people that need exercise the most, don’t.  
Those who think they do not have time will unfortunately find time to take care of their illness that develops. The most important parts of your body like your heart, lungs, muscles, joints, immune system, veins and arteries require movement in order to function. If these important systems need movement to function, we can apply directly to many of the conditions that commonly affect us today. We will address the common diseases and create action steps for each topic progressively over future newsletters.

#1 Heart Disease
Most people have been taught to believe that if you’re thinner or weigh less it means you’re healthier. But, the truth is, if you just starve yourself, follow some weird diet, take pills, or do bariatric surgery, you may lose weight, but you’ll just die lighter. The goal of any exercise program is to develop strength and improve systemic function in your body. …