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A Study Finds the Missing Link to Lose Weight

Americans now spend between $33 and $55 billion annually on weight loss products and services.¹ The high dollar items include medical procedures, pharmaceuticals and weight loss centers. It is now estimated that 45 million Americans enroll in a weight loss program at weight loss center or a gym.² However; it has been quoted that 70 percent or more do not enroll in programs and try to lose weight on their own.

The vast majority of people attempting to lose weight fail to do so. There are a multitude of reasons why people fail. To best prepare for success, we must understand the mistakes that others commonly make. It’s not where you stand right now that matters; it’s where you are going. Let’s not buy into the myth that you can’t lose weight or that it has to be hard.

A Harvard University weight loss study states, “It is clear that health is significantly affected by mindset”.³ Weight loss plans require dedication and consistency not only physically but also mentally…