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Reverse Diabetic Toxicity

Diabetes is commonly a condition of toxicity. Proper education of exercise, nutrition, and monitoring of blood glucose levels is crucial in not only the prevention, but also the reversal of diabetes. Diabetes is a condition that can be managed naturally. Management will reduce the associated healthcare costs and promote longevity. Chiropractic, exercise and nutrition have been shown to reduce the amounts of insulin required for our bodies.

Exercise and its Effects on Blood Glucose

Exercise demonstrates positive effects on both the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems. These systems are both directly affected by diabetes. The cardiovascular system is affected by a decrease in the diameter of arteries, which is secondary to an increase of fat deposits. This decrease in arterial diameter causes an increased strain on cardiac output in order to maintain proper oxygen levels in the body. When cardiac output is increased, the respiration rate also increases to properly oxygenate the blo…

Antibiotics in Your Meat

The Food and Drug Administration has been ordered by federal court to further investigate the damaging effects of wide spread use of antibiotics in animal feed on humans.Antibiotic abuse has caused alarming rates of antibiotic-resistant bacteria also known as super bugs.

Farming groups, drug makers, members of Congress and aggressive lobbyists have allowed past judgments and orders to remain idle and untouched for more than three decades.It has been argued that the drugs are needed for animals to be healthy in such barbaric and inhumane living conditions. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has concluded the use of antibiotics in our poultry and livestock causes antibiotic-resistant bacteria to flourish since 1977.No action has been taken since. Recently, Judge Theodore Katz is requiring the FDA to withdraw two of the most common antibiotics that is mixed in the feed of animals.The judge sided with four consumer safety and advocacy groups to enforce the three decade old ruling. Th…

Preventing Cholera Outbreaks

Cholera is a sudden, acute diarrheal illness cause by infection within the lower digestive tract.The World Health Organization estimates that there are 3-5 million cases that claim the lives of over 100,000 people annually.Cholera is often mild or with very minimal symptoms with a small percentage being severe.Approximately 5 percent of people infected with cholera will have severe diarrhea, vomiting and cramping of the legs.

The mechanism of vomiting and diarrhea allows for rapid loss of bodily fluids that leads to severe dehydration.Water is a component of every cell of the body and plays a role in every function.Death can occur within hours without adequate amounts of water.
Where is Cholera Located?
The bacteria that causes cholera is found in the water and food that has been contaminated with human fecal matter.Cholera is commonly found in locations that have poor sanitation, individuals with poor hygiene and inadequate water purification and treatment techniques. You can also cont…

Aspirin a Day?

Healthcare advice is commonly confusing and depending on the source is usually a ploy to sell you a product that you may or may not need.Aspirin is one of the most common over-the-counter medications and has been extensively argued for its benefits versus risks.Recent aspirin research will prove this and the consumer will have to sort it out for themselves once again.

The most important factor to understand is that a medication will always have negative side effects.Lifestyle improvements such as improved diet, exercise and stress reduction will have side effects as well, positive ones.If you are looking for the best results, do not wait until you are sick.The treatment of sickness and disease is reactive and too late.The treatment of lifestyle factors is proactive and is always the correct time to start. Researching Lies A recent study published in the prestigious Lancet found that daily aspirin use will cut the risk of developing cancer.It was even suggested that it could be a treatmen…

High Blood Pressure: A Symptom Versus Disease

High blood pressure causes the heart to work harder and will put additional stress on the body, the organs and the arteries.High blood pressure is also called hypertension.Uncontrolled hypertension will increase the risk of developing a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and damage to the eyes.

Blood pressure constantly changes throughout the day.It is commonly low during sleep and in the morning while it is high in the afternoon and during exercise.Fluctuation in blood pressure is a normal occurrence.If you have one abnormal blood pressure reading, it does not mean that you are hypertensive.

The important concept to understand is that blood pressure is a response to a given situation.Physical, chemical and emotional stress will play a significant role in the determination of one’s blood pressure.

What is the Cause?
It is common for healthcare professionals to state that high blood pressure can create headaches, dizziness and problems with their vision.The reverse is also true.Headaches…

Tuberculosis, Pneumonia and HIV Linked

Scientists say that the initial clinical trials for a new tuberculosis (TB) vaccine are now scheduled for completion in South Africa by early next year.Dr. Hassan Mohomed said the results will help scientists understand the world epidemic and develop key strategies that will reduce and eliminate the devastating effects of TB.

TB and pneumonia are the two largest killers of those with HIV due to the lowered resistance to the diseases.Clearly, healthcare education is one of the most important components in the treatment, maintenance and prevention of TB, pneumonia and HIV. The most common questions include:
What is tuberculosis?
What is pneumonia?
Is it related to HIV/AIDS?
Tuberculosis is a highly contagious infection caused by the bacteria. Diagnosis may be made by skin test, which if positive should be followed by a chest X-ray to determine the status (active or dormant) of the infection. Tuberculosis is more common in people with immune system problems, such as HIV.Treatment involves …

Raving Raspberry Smoothie

It's the time of year when most people need cooling down. We have a refreshing and delicious smoothie that will do just the trick:


1-2 scoops Vanilla Perfect Whey Protein Powder 3-4 tablespoons Organic Yogurt ½-1 cup Berries ½ teaspoon Stevia or Xylitol (To taste-most do not need any additional sweetening if using perfect protein) Add water to desired thickness Ice cubes
 *Suggestion - for a twist on flavor you can use Chocolate Perfect Protein for a Chocolate Raspberry smoothie!
Add all ingredients except for water in blender, add a small amount of water and a few ice cubes, blend in blender adding more water and ice until you achieve the desired consistency. Garnish with fresh raspberries or blueberries

Dr. Cory Couillard is an international healthcare speaker and columnist for numerous newspapers, magazines, websites and publications throughout the world. He works in collaboration with the World Health Organization's goals of disease prevention and glo…

5 Food Label Follies

The food label can be a useful tool in determining the nutritional value and overall safety of a food choice. However, it is very common for an individual to not fully understand the food label and miss the most important components. Don’t be fooled any longer!
 Folly #1 Nutrition Facts
 The grams of fat, carbohydrates, proteins, calories and serving size are not the most important part of the food label. This component of the food label does not take into account the quality of the nutrients and will commonly mislead the consumer. The recommended daily values do not take into account the age, gender, activity level or specific dietary needs a person may have.
Folly #2 Boisterous Claims
 We all know that most advertising claims are false or misleading; the boisterous food advertising campaigns can be the largest culprits. Cereals have been under investigation by the FDA for misleading health benefits such as “low in fat” or “low in cholesterol”. A consumer will look at these …

Daily Detox: The Comprehensive Solution

The U.S. Food and Drug and Drug Administration (FDA) have now approved over 3,000 artificial food additives, preservatives and colorings. The average person ingests 140-150 pounds of additives every year.  The environmental toxicity continues to increase generation to generation. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has measured 219 chemicals in people’s blood and urine. 75 of these toxic chemicals have never been seen before.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that indoor air measurements to be 100 times more polluted compared to our external environments.  The indoor toxic environment has been coined to have “sick building” syndrome.  Leaky pipes, water damaged basements, ceilings or carpets are common culprits.  Biotoxicity primarily comes from mold.  Do you have mold, mildew or water stains at home or work?

Significant health concerns can be traced to the toxicity of our water supply, Teflon cookware, commercialized cleaning products and even our daily p…

Infertility: When You’re Not Expecting

A new French study finds that men who are overweight or obese to have a greater risk of infertility. Overweight and obese men were found to have a low sperm count and more likely to have weaker sperm. The findings of the new study will help explain why infertility trends closely resemble the global obesity epidemic.

Dr. Sébastien Czernichow and his colleagues at Ambroise Paré University Hospital in Paris gathered data from 14 previous studies that included 10,000 men. The researchers looked at participant’s body mass index (BMI) and correlated it to sperm levels. BMI is calculated based on the height and weight ratio. Men with a BMI of 25 have been considered overweight while 30 or more indicates obesity. BMI is also an accurate indicator for many chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

24 percent of men who were normal weight had a low sperm count and 2.6 percent had no viable sperm. Among overweight men, 25.6 percent suffered from low sperm and 4.7 had no viable. The shoc…

Killer Red Meats

A two decade Harvard study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine involving 121,342 men and women strongly suggests that red meat consumption will increase the risk of developing cancer and heart disease.There were 23,926 total deaths in the group with 5,910 from cardiovascular disease and 9,464 from cancer.

It was found that people who ate large quantities of red meat were less active, had higher body mass indexes and were more likely to smoke.The study stated that with every three ounces of red meat consumed the overall risk of dying increased 12 percent. The increased risk of cardiovascular events has been linked to the consumption of processed red meats such as lunch meats, ham and bacon.A recent ground breaking study found similar findings that increased the risk of the most deadly form of cancer—pancreatic cancer by 20 percent. Processed red meats contain high amounts of saturated fat, sodium and nitrites.Processing commonly adds artificial flavors, colorings and preservati…

Don’t Stroke, Consume This!

The Heart Outcomes Prevention Evaluation (HOPE) study followed 10,000 individuals that were at risk for developing strokes. The participants found that increased levels of vitamin E significantly lowered their risk over the four year study. Cardiovascular disease is a leading disease killer for men but especially females.

The Karolinska Institute in Sweden published an expansive survey that found diets that have high levels of antioxidants will reduce the incidence of strokes in women. A similar study in the medical journal Stroke found a diet high in antioxidants to reduce strokes in women by 57%

Antioxidant Rich Foods

The inability of the body to handle physical, mental and chemical stress produces free radicals that will damage tissues and cells. Antioxidants are heavily involved with the prevention of cellular damage. The molecules can safely interact with free radicals and terminate the destructive chain of events before irreversible damage occurs.

The principle antioxidants includ…